Mountain Altruists is a distinguished travel operator in Darjeeling and North East.

The top eight Darjeeling holiday packages are as follows:

1. Sustainable tourism holiday packages in Darjeeling: We provide the best sustainable tour Packages in Darjeeling and custom designed trips according to the needs of the tourist and make their trip a real success and a memorable venture to last for a decade.Tourists are taken to areas where there is a development of the region taking place in any form thus reviving the economy and helping the local community. Tourists are also encouraged to spend time with the locals thereby contributing to the well being of the community.

2. Ecotourism holiday packages in Darjeeling: We are a dedicated and committed team of tourism professionals intended to aid and help tourists to plan their trips in Eastern Himalayas in India.Tourists are taken to untroubled, and peaceful areas where they can enjoy ecotourism and contribute to the environment.

3. Adventure tourism holiday packages in Darjeeling: Trips are always difficult to arrange but due to our enormous and huge experience in this field, we have travelers coming for help from all corners of the world to explore the mighty Himalayan spectrum. Tourists are encouraged to enjoy activities like river rafting, rock climbing, hill walking, cable and fun rides in this corner of the country to enjoy adventure holiday packages in Darjeeling.

4. Tea Tourism packages in Darjeeling: Our team will help you in planning and implementing the trips in a proper and sound way by implementing the best tourism practices. Tourists are taken to tea gardens and other gardens available in the town. They can enjoy their excursion and their joyous venture with friends and families.

5. Conservation tourism packages in Darjeeling: As one of the leading adventure travel operators, we practice conservation tourism and provide attractive Darjeeling holiday packages. Tourism is a responsibility and we are here to implement effective tourism practices to overcome the obstacles and difficulties in the tourism and travel sector.Tourists are taken to areas where there is a conservation practice being implemented in the region and good practices being followed to revive the ecosystem and the habitat.

6. Green tourism packages in Darjeeling: Tourists are taken to green areas in the district, the eco parks, and nature parks circumscribed by enchanting mountains and forests of the Lesser Himalayas and enjoy their venture.

7. Flora and fauna tourism packages in Darjeeling: Tourists are taken to the zoo, wildlife conservation areas and zones that remains a heritage of the town

8. Expedition tourism packages in Darjeeling: We are a leading adventure travel operator in Darjeeling and North East and provide attractive holiday packages.Adventure is what keeps us moving so plan your next travel adventure with us.Tourists are encouraged to focus on expedition activities like trekking, hiking and enjoying their presence in the base camp of important peaks.

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