We facilitate sustainable tourism and ecotourism in Darjeeling.

Beautiful gardens excursion is another special entry in our package list where we take you to undisturbed natural areas covered by flora of the Eastern Himalayas.

Gardens galore in North East and people who have an unfathomable interest can enjoy the beautiful and scenic gardens created by farmers and the government. The plantation sites are located in the hills and factories within the total grant area. The latest machineries are there in the big gardens which are maintained properly by the gardeners. Women enjoy plucking and tourists can enjoy the scenic view of these gardens located in North East.

Tea Gardens in North East India are a heritage of the region and something to be proud of for the nation. Garden maintenance is a difficult job but if taken seriously these gardens can help reduce carbon footprint and improve the socio economic sustainability of the region. Pollution diminishes and the overall economy of the region improves with proper supervision and maintenance.

Gardens are a very important heritage of the nation and proper steps should be taken to preserve wilderness in these regions. Due to the presence of gardens the country has a greener symbol and entity and encourage people to go green and implement the same in their locality and neighbourhood.

Ecotourism and best practices of implementing sustainable tourism should be the motto of every tour operator in North East willing to improve the economy and ecological standards of the region. Ecotourism should be practiced by each travel and tour operator and maintain and conserve the wilderness of the region and preserve the national parks and the heritage of the country.

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