Mountain Altruists is a popular travel operator in Darjeeling.

Being one of the best Travel Operators in Darjeeling, we pride ourselves in providing the best services to our customers and give them the required customized Darjeeling holiday packages. We have Darjeeling travel packages starting from 2 nights and extending till 5 nights that includes pickup, drop from the railway station/airport, sightseeing, accommodation and fooding. We also provide our customers the desired homestays according to their requirements. Travelling to Darjeeling has been every person’s fantasy and we help to fulfill the same and help tourists in achieving the same.

Darjeeling trip plan can be categorized as follows:

a. Solo trip: Individuals or adventure seekers can plan their solo Darjeeling trip with our team to enjoy the blissful offerings that this place has for travelers. Solo trips are the best for creative people willing to make documentaries and videos of this beautiful location.

b. Family trip: Individuals can plan Darjeeling trip with their families for the specified duration of time by intimating us atleast one week before undertaking the voyage so that we can make all necessary arrangements.

c. Honeymoon trip: Honeymoon trip can be planned by newly wed couples and we have the best packages for honeymoon couples which can be availed at a special fare.

d. Educational trip: An Educational trip can be planned by schools and other institutions willing to learn the geographical  importance of this location and increase their subject knowledge.

e. Cultural trip: A cultural Darjeeling trip is organised by our team and we help travelers who want to know the cultural heritage of Darjeeling and adjoining districts of the state.

f. Group trip: Group trip plan can be implemented by friends or colleagues planning to celebrate their vacation in Darjeeling and enjoy their tourism venture with us to last for a decade.

Darjeeling tour cost varies with the packages they have opted for and can be adjusted as per the requirements of the tourists. Tourists can make their Darjeeling trip plan at least one week in advance to avoid closures and disappointment.

Travel Operators in Darjeeling FAQ

What do you mean by Travel Operators?

Travel Operators are a group of people providing customised travel packages to the customers as per their requirements.

Do Travel operators in Darjeeling provide the best packages?

Yes, Travel operators in Darjeeling provide the best customised packages to their customers based on their requirements.

How can I book my customised Darjeeling trip?

The Darjeeling trip can be booked by contacting the travel operator either through email or phone. Trips can either be booked online or having a physical interaction with the travel operators.

Can I book the Darjeeling trip as per my needs?

Yes, the Darjeeling trip can be booked and arranged as per the needs of the customer and their trip duration

Will I be charged after booking the trip?

The Darjeeling trip can only be booked by paying a minimal amount. Please contact the required travel operators to book the trip.

Can I cancel my Darjeeling trip?

Yes, the Darjeeling trip can be cancelled before 48 hours of undertaking the trip.

How do I select the best travel operators in Darjeeling?

Reputable travel operators in Darjeeling are registered with the Government so it is essential to contact the best operators after seeing their registration number .

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