Mountain Altruists is a renowned travel operator in Kalimpong.

Being a Travel Operator in Kalimpong, we recognize ourselves in providing the best services to our clients and give them the ideal travel packages. We have Kalimpong travel packages starting from 2 nights and extending till 5 nights that includes pickup, drop from the railway station/airport, sightseeing, accommodation and dining. As we give you the best itinerary for Kalimpong trip plan, we take you to nature parks and eco zones within the district and provide you with delicious food.

Day Wise Itinerary:

Day 1:Tourists are taken to Kalimpong from NJP where they can enjoy the vista of the mighty Himalayan spectrum. They can also enjoy the beautiful farmhouses constructed in the region by the locals covered by beautiful gardens.

Day 2: Tourists will be encouraged to complete the sightseeing within Kalimpong town that includes Delo Park, Deolo Hills, Durpin Dara, Mangal Dham, Hanuman temple, Morgan House, Cactus garden and Orchids. Apart from these points, they can spend time in the mall and the beautiful town to get rid of tiredness

Day 3:Tourists are taken to Lava from Kalimpong and are asked to spend the day watching the endless charms the place has to offer including wildlife,endearing landscape and the serenity surrounding the region.They will be served breakfast in the hotel. They can visit the Lava monasteries, Nature Interpretation centre and other attractions in the region.

Day 4:Tourists are taken to Rishyap from Kalimpong from where they can enjoy the forests of the Eastern Himalayas and other sunrise and sunset points including Tiffin Dara,etc.

Day 5.Tourists will be asked to visit the Rachela peak where they can enjoy the glorious sunrise views and the mighty Kanchenjunga massif.

Day 6:Tourists will be dropped to their respective destinations from where they started and reach to their original point before twilight.

Please contact us via the contact form or send us an email to to book the package by selecting your Kalimpong trip plan. The Kalimpong trip cost can be altered and changed by considering the preference of the tourists.

Travel Operator in Kalimpong FAQ

Do Travel operators in Kalimpong provide the best packages?

Yes, Travel operators in Kalimpong provide the best customised packages to their customers based on their requirements.

How can I book my customised Kalimpong trip?

The Kalimpong trip can be booked by contacting the travel operator either through email or phone. Trips can either be booked online or having a physical interaction with the travel operator.

Can I book the Kalimpong trip as per my needs?

Yes, the Kalimpog trip can be booked and arranged as per the needs of the customer and their trip duration

Can I cancel my Kalimpong trip?

Yes, the Kalimpong trip can be cancelled before 48 hours of undertaking the trip.

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