Darjeeling tour packages have been designed in a way to satisfy the fantasies of every traveler and tourist.

Darjeeling tour plan can be made by travelers by talking to our representatives and selecting the best Darjeeling tour package. Darjeeling tour cost can be altered or changed by knowing the travelers requirements and duration of the trip. Darjeeling tour packages can be summarized as follows.

a.Eco Tour packages: Darjeeling is a place covered by natural beauty, mountainous landscapes and enchanting gardens. The region has a distinct natural beauty not found anywhere in the country. There are even plants and trees from which medicine is extracted and used as ayurvedic treatment. These medicines are then available to the local people who can treat their diseases naturally without having to visit the doctor. Nature is resplendent and we can always enjoy the blessings and offerings of Mother nature without disrupting the environment.Eco Darjeeling tour packages are very popular and tourists plan to choose them over other packages as we help them cover all the eco friendly areas in the town. Travelers can also plan eco activities and carry eco essentials with them that can help to curb pollution and reduce carbon footprints in the zone. Ecotourism can be easily achieved by contributing to the betterment of the planet and save the ecosystem from disaster.

b.Normal Sightseeing packages: Regarded as one of leading Darjeeling Travel Operator, we provide the best Darjeeling tour packages to our customers and clients. Normal sightseeing includes visiting the city outskirts as well besides visit to the city mall, churches, mosques, gardens, temples, monasteries, zoo, sunrise and sunset points and other local attractions in the town.

c.Trekking packages:Trekking is a special feature in Eastern India and we are proud of the fact that such expeditions and adventures exist in our region and we can aid tourists in achieving the same.We plan treks and adventure sessions to different hiking mountain trails within the region. Trekking to Eastern Himalayas can be easily achieved with our group as we have experts in this field willing to help and aid tourists in satisfy their mountain fantasies and make their voyage successful.

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